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Broadcasting Solutions for Pastors, Churches, and Christian Ministries!

Thanks for checking us out, we are here and happy to help – all consultation & support is free. We would love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.  Solving online media storage & delivery problems and/or needs is what we do.  You are not alone, do not get overwhelmed by all the Studio does or how to do it.  We can help you get things working quickly and smoothly – just ask – Go Team!


NOTE: If you are a Listener with a home-church, please introduce them to us… we would love the opportunity to assist with their online media efforts!  Thanks!!!


Give us a call at 1.800.807.1014 (leave a message if you do not get an answer), or send an email to (contact us).  We will get back to you ASAP!  There is never any obligation, all plans start Free.  Upgraded Premium plans are month-to-month (no long-term contracts). You can modify or downgrade your plan at any time.

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Here is what we have to offer Ministries of all shape and sizes! is an all-in-one Media Storage & Delivery solution – for the Church. We are a safe “home-base” for your media content, and for your online audience.  Avoid the pitfalls of the social networks, but use them wisely for additional exposure – if desired.  Your Sermon Studio allows you to easily share your content to other platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. We are a Christian Ministry, serving Christian Ministries.  No Ads – No Garbage


The Sermon Studio is what we call our browser-based Media Storage & Delivery platform. The Sermon Studio, by, provides Ministries with the knowledge, support, and tools for providing online access to their Audio, Video, and PDF files, as well as Live “real-time” Broadcasts.  Their audience can listen/watch through just about any device that has an internet connection (phone, tablet, computer, smart TV, etc…).  A Pastor/Ministry can start small with a simple audio podcast that they summit to iTunes, along with a player embedded directly into their own web site.  Or, the Ministry can use every tool in the Studio’s tool-box for an amazing Live and On-demand audio & video presentation throughout their web site(s), podcast feeds, and custom Apps.


– (there is a video on this page that will walk/talk you through the basics)
Feel free to create your own account to test / experiment with.


NOW AVAILABLE > Custom Mobile Apps for Apple and Android – WOOHOO!
* is Equipping Ministries. Get your own Ministry Apps for Apple and Android, and get your Media Suite Customized!
* Getting Started Tutorials

You are not alone! All Support is free to ensure your broadcasting is a success… Go Team. : )


* Usage & Billing plans
If you anticipate that your Studio’s usage will surpass the free 2 GB allotment, you can choose between a GB Bundle package (which does not expire with time), or a recurring Monthly License plan.   There are no long term contracts (month-to-month only), you can modify or downgrade your plan at any time. 

* Why Upload? …Live Stream instead!

You may not realize it, but Live Streaming is not complicated.  In fact, you may already have all you need to make it happen. Following a Live Broadcast, the media can be added to your Archive (in whole or in part) for on-demand playback by your web guests.  All you do is start and stop your stream… no more uploading!


LIVE STREAMING > The Process (quick overview)
1. Connect your video and/or audio sources to your encoding computer
2. Install and setup the encoding software on your encoding computer (there are free downloadable options for both MAC and PC)
3. Create  a “master” Live Episode in your Sermon Studio, then copy & paste its stream credentials into your encoding software
4. Start Broadcasting!
Stream basics – encoder settings:
– H.264, x.264, H.265  (not VP6)
– BASELINE 3.0 (not MAIN)
– audio in *AAC at 44,100 Hz

LIVE STREAMING > “best practices” & troubleshooting


For the Ministry…
– We are a Christian not-for-profit Ministry, helping other Christian Ministries spread the Word of God!
– FREE Consultation and Support (for all accounts). We will even get on the phone with you to help get things rolling!
– Broadcast free up to 2GB/month, no credit card required
– No long-term contracts (downgrade or upgrade at any time)
– There are never any Ads or destructive/improper content just one click away from your media. A “safe spot” for your audience.
– The Studio is All-inclusive, use only the features you need.
– Audio, Video, PDF Storage & Delivery is handled by our robust Data Centers.
– Unlimited Playlists/Channels for grouping your content into separate Players and/or Podcast feeds.
– Media is accessible through your own embed-anywhere Players & Media Centers, Podcast/RSS feeds, Apps (Android, iOS, ROKU).
– Share your Live and On-demand media content directly through your Social Networks, including; Facebook and Twitter.
– Types of Delivery include; Live Broadcasting (with server-side recording), Scheduled “TV-Like” Broadcasting, or 24/7 On-demand access for your audience.
– Live Broadcast your Sunday morning services, weekly Bible studies, special events (weddings, memorial services, etc…).
– Limit access to your media (Live or On-demand) using Password Protected Playlists.
– Smaller Ministries can use the Sermon Studio’s Media Center as their primary web presence (saving on the expense of maintaining an additional service).


SAMPLES of Media Centers, Players, & Podcast Feeds:

Here is a Ministry with a Media Center Integrated into their site:
If you scroll down on the home page, you will see the countdown-clock to their next Live Broadcast event. This too is powered by the Sermon Studio.  You can click “Watch Live” to go to their actual Media Center integration page:
This is their full-page version of the Media Center:
On this page they have a separate Media Center for their Men’s Ministry Content:


Additional Samples…
FULL PAGE Media Center (with custom domain, audio, video, pdf)
FULL PAGE Media Center (ready for next Live Stream, with Chat)


EMBEDDED Media Centers (audio & video)


SINGLE LIVE EPISODE PLAYER (embedded with countdown timer)

EMBEDDED MOST RECENT ARCHIVED EPISODE  (lower right), with link to FULL PAGE Media Center

SMALL EMBEDDED Playlist Player
EMBEDDED Playlist Player (video, small scrolling playlist below)
SIMPLE LIST PLAYER (lower right)


Sample PODCAST feeds within iTunes:



For the Listener… is a free/open resource for anyone to search and experience as part of their Spiritual journey.  Search the complete network Archive, or tune in for a Live Broadcast from within the web site.  The visitor can login to the Ministries’ Media Centers to keep track of their favorite Messages, and keep private Notes that they can access at a later time.


We also provide Network Apps that include all non-private Ministry content (Live or On-Demand) via iOS, Android, and Roku
Our Network Apps: