Master Live Episode (MLE)

LIVE STREAMING: Reduce Steps, Reduce Errors…

To simplify Live Streaming as much as possible, you should use the same Master Live Episode (MLE) for every broadcast you do. You do not need to create multiple Live Episodes. Also, setup your recurring Live Broadcast Schedule within your MLE, which will keep your Master Live Episode’s date & time current, and at the top of the Episode list.


If you archive a recording of your Live Broadcast (in whole or in part), you can do so to a NEW Episode, thereby leaving your MLE automatically staged and ready to go for the next event. At any time, you can go in and modify / edit the Details (date, title, description, etc.) of your Episodes (MLE or Archive).


This will remove extra steps from your workflow, there is no need to set things up (again) prior to each broadcast. This will also help reduce the risk of human error that could prevent a successful broadcast. Not being able to delete the MLE means your Live Stream Credentials will never change. Simply open your encoder and start the broadcast, week-after-week.


NOTE: if you do not want to use your MLE at this time, simply turn it OFF (using the Episode’s “Show in Player” setting). This will remove it from all public visibility.


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