Media Delivery

media delivery through a TV using Roku

All Sermon Studio users are included at no additional charge!  Roku ( is a simple and cost effective solution for those that do not want to bother with a computer, tablet, smart phone, etc… but would rather just access content from the Internet through their TV (or monitor).

Simply do a search for and you will find our Channel

“Roku takes just minutes to setup.  Simply plugin it in (power & TV), Connect to your network, Enjoy!”




– Roku will work for all your Studio’s on-Demand content (audio & video), as well as your Live Broadcasts!
– Search for the Channel within the Roku directory… add it to your Roku > Channels list.
– Open the Channel, do a search for your Ministry or Speaker’s Name… enjoy!


One you have located your Ministry you can then access the Playlist(s) that you make accessible from within your Sermon Studio > App Manager page.  Within the Playlist(s) the end-viewer will be able access off all your corresponding Episodes… Live or on-Demand!


Note: Delivery through a Roku device will count the same as through any other device (mobile app, media centers, players, RSS feeds…), delivery is delivery. You can opt to be excluded from all directories, including the Roku App. Just let us know if you do not want your Ministry to show up in a Network search.

Watch this video on how to locate your Ministry within the Roku App.