Backup your media files via RSS

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Download multiple files

The easiest way to backup files in bulk is through your podcast/RSS feeds. Each Playlist you’ve created has its own podcast feed, you can access these on the Playlists page within your Studio in the RSS section.


From your Sermon Studio > Playlist > RSS Section you may need to do this for each Playlist from the drop down.


You can use iTunes to > subscribe to the podcast < you’ll see this option under the File menu in the upper left. You’ll then go to your Library under Podcasts, and click on your podcast on the left navigation menu. It will display the details and all episodes in the main window; along with the title at the top you’ll see a gear icon.


Click the gear icon and change the to the following:

Check for new Episodes: Manually
Settings for: (Your podcast should be selected)
Uncheck the “Use Default Settings” box
When new Episodes are available: Download All
Episodes to Keep: All Episodes


Click OK, and then click the refresh (circular arrow) icon next to your podcast title and the gear icon (where you just clicked to adjust the settings above).


If there is anything else that we can help with please let us know, happy to help.


Thank you,