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Settings Up Your Encoder – Copy & Paste Stream Credentials

Make sure you are using the correct stream credentials for your Encoding Software. Adobe FMLE uses a different stream naming format than all other Encoders.  Be sure to Copy & Paste the credentials so they are EXACT… if they are not exact your stream will not work.  Using the improper stream name type will prevent the stream from working on certain mobile devices.


We STRONGLY recommend that you use the same Master Live Episode for ALL of your live broadcasting (only need to set it up once) as per these best practices:




Within your Master Live Episode’s > Live Broadcast section, select the encoder type you are using (Adobe FMLE, or other…)

live-select encoder




If you select ADOBE FMLE, copy and paste the Episode’s stream credential into your Adobe software

adobe - stream name




If you select OTHER, build your stream name according to your specs.  Do not worry if the bit rate, dimensions, etc… do not exactly match what is set within your encoder, it is your encoding software/hardware settings that actually matter.  (You can send up to 3 different bit rates to accommodate different connection speeds, however one stream at around 800 Kbps is typically enough.)

vmix and others - stream name



Video Tutorial – Stream Name Builder