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Encoder settings when streaming to mobile devices

In order for your Live Streams to work within Mobile Apps, and across the largest variety of devices, you may need to make the following adjustments.


Your stream must be in H.264.  Both Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and Wirecast make this possible. Also, be sure you use BASELINE of 3.0 and not MAIN as your Profile.  Use AAC for your audio format if possible (to support Android, BlackBerry, and other mobile devices), however if you are using Adobe FMLE on a PC this may not be an option – you can only use MP3.  In this case (when using MP3) be sure you set your Audio Sample Rate to 44,100 Hz to accommodate Apple mobile devices (however your live streams will not work in non-Flash Android devices).

IMPORTANT: If you are using live encoding software other than Adobe FMLE, you MUST use the STREAM NAME BUILDER.

Encoder Settings:

– H.264 (not VP6 or x.264)

– BASELINE 3.0 (not MAIN)

– audio in *AAC at 44,100 Hz

  (*otherwise, mp3 < note: will not work on all Android devices)



NOTE REGARDING AUDIO: AAC is preferable as it is supported by most mobile operating systems. Adobe FME on PC require an additional plugin for AAC support.  However, MP3 @ 44,100 Hz will satisfy the mobile Apple device requirements.


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For those currently using Adobe FMLE on a PC, you may want to switch to OBS as your encoding software. It is free, and it INCLUDES THE AAC plugin that will accommodate playback on non-Flash equipped Android devices.  (Adobe FMLE on a PC may require a rather expensive plugin to accommodate AAC.  AAC is included within the MAC version.)


Please note: if you are using OBS you must use the STREAM NAME BUILDER to generate the Stream Name that you will then copy & paste into your encoding software (OBS).


– more info on using OPEN BROADCAST SOFTWARE



– Video = Profile: Baseline

Please note: if you are using WIRECAST you must use the STREAM NAME BUILDER to genereate the Stream Name that you will then copy & paste into your encoding software (Wirecast).

– more info on using Wirecast




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