About Sermon.net

For the Ministry

one simple solution… sermon.net (the Sermon Network) is an internet-based media delivery platform. As a Christ-focused not-for-profit organization, our purpose is to leverage the power of the world-wide-web to help churches, Pastors, Missionaries, and Teachers live stream, archive, and deliver their sermons & lessons.

​All media (Live & OnDemand, sermon audio, sermon video, etc…) is accessible through; embeddable Media Centers, Podcast / RSS feeds, and Mobile Apps. With no advertising or potentially “distasteful” content just one click away (such as with secular services), sermon.net is a trusted media partner for your Ministry – going into all the world to make disciples!

Upload media through your browser-based Sermon Studio to archive and deliver your Audio, Video, and PDF Documents. All storage and delivery is managed by our Data Centers. Perform Live Broadcasts and automatically archive this content for future distribution. Simulcast your Live Streams to your Facebook Live, You Tube Live, and/or Periscope accounts. Send a copy of your on-demand videos to your YouTube and/or Vimeo channels.

Embed the feature-rich Media Center into any of your web sites or blogs to encourage visitor interaction. All media is also accessible through Podcast feeds for easy syndication, and through Apps for iPhones, Android, and ROKU devices. Absolutely no outside advertising will appear near your content. Sermon Network’s Sermon Studio is the only tool you need… and it includes friendly support to help serve your Ministry!

Learn more, signup today,or contact us for more information… we are always happy to assist!

For the Pubic

sermon.net provides the listener (free of charge & no account required) access to the archive of sermons, teachings, and live broadcasts… to encourage their personal journey into an eternal Relationship through Christ.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the Bible’s message of Truth and Salvation.

The Sermon Network is the world’s largest collection of sermons online… more than 1,000,000 messages. Search by topic, speaker, ministry name, and other terms. Audio, Video, PDF Documents, and Live Broadcasts are free for all to enjoy through Media Players, Podcast feeds, and Mobile Apps (iPhone/iPad and Android).

About Us

The Sermon Network is a Christian non-profit organization operated by Christians, dedicated to serving the Lord and building His Kingdom.

The Sermon Network is the world’s largest collection of sermons online, over 1,000,000 messages in the archive (growing by the minute).

The Sermon Network web site allows everyone to search the entire archive of messages and listen or watch for free (no listener account required).

Christian ministries are encouraged to join the Sermon Network and use the Sermon Studio to provide 24/7 access to their messages (audio, video, pdf notes, and live broadcasts).

There are no commercial advertisements within the players, apps, or feeds.

The Sermon Studio media management system is free for up to 2 GBs of Usage per month. (Usage = Media Storage + On Demand Media Delivery + Live Broadcast Delivery). For additional Usage pricing see our pricing chart.

Ministries can place their custom-themed Media Centers directly into their website or blog. Or, they can use the Full Page Media Center (which can also serve as a basic web site… a real cost saver for the ministry looking for a web presence without the additional expense).