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If you are a business or organization that services Christian ministries, pastors, and churches, which could benefit from’s all-inclusive media storage and delivery (live & on-demand) services, we would like to discuss collaborating with you to provide your faith-based clients a system that caters to their unique needs. They can use the Sermon Studio exclusively for all their online broadcasting needs, or as a supplemental solution for specific purposes (audio podcasting/RSS, live streaming, scheduled broadcasting, etc…).


Hello, my name is Dave Johnston, I am one of the founders of We are a full-service Live & On-demand Media Storage and Delivery platform – specifically designed for Christian Ministries.


Christian Ministries appreciate the additional content control that the Sermon Studio provides. Keeping their media separate from Ad driven commercial platforms, which often place links to “questionable” content just one-click away. No Ads – No Garbage!


Being an all-in-one solution the Sermon Studio dramatically simplifies and centralizes everything that has to do with their online media efforts. We have establish API integration with YouTube, Facebook, etc… that will allow them to easily share media across the social networks for increased exposure, if desired.  However, we suggest they use as a “home base” for their content, completely under their control, without the pitfalls of the social networks.  A “safe place” for their audience. has been serving Christian Ministries for over a decade. The system and infrastructure are well establish, proven, and always evolving. Ministries login to their browser-based Sermon Studio management interface to upload content (audio, video, pdf), or to perform a live broadcast at any time. Our servers handle all transcoding, storage, and delivery of the media. They can embed players directly into their sites, social network page, blogs, etc…. All content is also made available through RSS/Podcast feeds, direct media links, and Apps (iOS, Android, Roku).


We will handle all support (free to the client) to ensure they are successful with their online broadcasting efforts.


There are no long-term contracts (month-to-month), they can cancel any time. We aim to make this an easy decision, without the fear of being locked-in, and we will “hold their hand” until they are fully up-and-running!


We would be happy to work with you, and your clients, by providing an amazing broadcasting experience, excellent support, and a feature set that is second to none! We will provide you with your own account creation/signup form that you can place directly within your site.


If you would like to discuss or clarify anything, please let us know. We would appreciate the opportunity to partner with you and help serve your clients.


Thank you for your time!
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Dave Johnston
VP of Product Development
1.800.807.1014 x102

We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!

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