The Team


We serve as a ministry partner for thousands of Churches and Organizations from around the world. The Sermon Network has been in operation since 2005, and during that time has helped publish over 1 million hours of sermon content on the web. The Sermon Studio management system, Sermon Players, and the Sermon Network website were established to help our partner ministries share the Word of God worldwide. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve your ministry!

David Johnston

Co-Founder / VP of Product Dev

David is one of the visionaries (along with Joshua Stokes) behind, and wears many hats around here. While leading the team in maintaining, supporting, and evolving the system, he brings a smile and his A-game every day. He hails from the Great White North (aka Canada), and enjoys a solid Winter & loud music. His personal mission statement is, “Trust GOD… and Rock On!”

Scott Smith

VP of Operations

Scott joined the team in 2006 and can be found answering the call at any extension on our switchboard. He is focused on the operations and future of, and having a great time doing it! Away from work you might find him walking his dogs, grilling on a Hasty-Bake, or enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. If you know of a great BBQ place please let him know, he will travel for great BBQ.

Scott Fujan

VP of Software Development
Scott is our VP of Systems Development, and has been with us since 2014. Scott manages the storage and delivery of millions of media files. He is instrumental in directing the transformation of our system architecture for cost efficiency and future growth. When not on the job you will find him cycling, rowing, or building in the wood shop.

Paul Wood

Director of Technical Support

Paul became familiar with by putting the Sermon Studio to work for the church he attends (back in 2011). We knew Paul as the client with the “cool stuff” (he would often share his video equipment & setups with us). We are very grateful to have him on the team, helping other ministries level the learning-curve, and maximize the effectiveness of their Studio!

Lauren Lee

Director of Client Services

Lauren is a ray of sunshine at the office and keeps the rest of the team from going crazy with her neatness and organization. Lauren has helped a ton of users get their own custom iPhone and Android App, and is a life saver in the billing department. She can frequently be heard after a phone call exclaiming “I love our users!” Lauren’s passion is marketing and she is excited to use her creative talents to build the Sermon Network worldwide!

The Dev Team

Programming and Development

It is our dedicated team of programmers, working behind the scenes, that make possible! There are many moving parts, and their to-do list is long (and always growing) …but they remain committed to seeing the Sermon Studio serve the Church, and serve it well. Olga, and Igor (to name just a couple) work tirelessly to make this all possible.   We appreciate their diligence and passion for the project!

Mariann McKinney

Office Administrator

Mariann has the awesome responsibility of keeping everything at straight and orderly. Although she would say that is impossible, she does an amazing job! Mariann received her degree in Accounting from Northeastern State University of Oklahoma as a Magna Cum Laude graduate. Her accounting background includes: fifteen years of oil and gas, three years of manufacturing, five years of partnership, trust and estate. She is an avid golfer and fishing enthusiast as well as a league bowler.

Philip Smith

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Phil is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and Christian who has dedicated his time and resources to help spread the Word of God worldwide. He was originally an investor in the for-profit SermonShare, LLC, and took the lead in bringing other successful Christians together to purchase the company and convert it into the non-profit, with the mission of aiding in the fulfillment of the Great Commission by spreading Christian teachings.