Activate new user-interface

The new Sermon Studio user-interface has been released!


It’s beautiful and it’s user-friendly across devices of various shapes and sizes.


To Activate the new look on your account, go into your Sermon Studio > Settings page and turn on the Modern Studio.  (Important: you must be logged-in as the Primary Admin.)


You can toggle back and forth as needed to help you get comfortable in the new interface.  On September 18th of 2019 we will discontinue access to the original studio look. It is being retired. : )




Nothing to fear. The fundamentals are exactly the same so it should be easy to adapt. If you are live streaming, you do not need to change anything. Nothing in the setup or streaming credentials is affected by switching the look of your Sermon Studio.


Uploading and Live Streaming is business as usual. Upload your audio, video, and/or PDF through the browser-based Sermon Studio to build your online Archive. Share your Media as desired to Facebook, You Tube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.


> New Studio Help Files


Some quick notes regarding the new interface:

Live Streaming is easier than ever before. With the freshly integrated WebRTC browser-based streaming plugin, there is no special equipment or software required. Perfect for basic video webcasting, and audio-only live streams. Note: For higher quality broadcasting we recommend using dedicated encoding software such as OBS, vMix, Wirecast, etc.


Simulcasting to your Social Networks (Facebook Live and You Tube Live) is provided for free. Send us one stream, and in real-time we will send the stream to your other accounts.  Use the Sermon Studio as your media control center.


We hope you enjoy the new Sermon Studio. We will continue to evolve the platform. We are a Christ focussed, all-in-one media solution for ministries. A safe home-base for your content and audience, but we also make it easy to share your content to your other platforms, if desired.