Embed Media Center directly into your Facebook page

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Provide easy access to all of your media, live or on-demand, for your Facebook followers. Give this video (below) a look.  It will show you how to create a custom tab/button within Facebook, and embed your Media Center / Player directly into this location.


Please note: Facebook has implemented a new requirement in order to activate this option within your Facebook account. You must have at lest 2000 page followers before you can create a custom tab. (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/pages/tabs/)


This is the APP that you will need to install through FaceBook to add your own/custom tab.


Facebook Mobile Media Center Access

Also, see this video about Mobile device accessibility. (Since Facebook does not include third party apps on their mobile platform, mobile links will provide direct access to your Media Center.)


Live Stream from within your Facebook Timeline

Also, view this link/information about sharing your Live Stream Player to your Facebook wall.