Facebook Live – YouTube Live

Re-stream to your Facebook Live or YouTube Live accounts


Have us automatically send your Live Stream to your Facebook Live or YouTube Live account / channel.




This simulcasting feature will enable you to send one stream to sermon.net, which we will send out through your Sermon Studio’s players, apps, etc…  in addition to this, we will also authenticate and send your live stream directly to your Facebook Live or YouTube Live account/channel.


This will eliminate the need for you to have a special setup or software so that you can send to two separate destinations on your own. We will handle that piece for you. You send just one stream to us, we do the rest.


* Please reach out to us if this feature is not currently activated within your Sermon Studio account.

CLICK HERE  for instructions on how-to use the feature.




Sermon.net serves as your safe home-base that is completely under your control for your live streams and recordings / archive. No ads or “garbage” content / links nearby. At the same time, this enables you to leverage your Social Networks for expanded outreach!