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Thank you for allowing us to serve your Ministry!  We have selected a few Ministries from our directory that we would like to run a new feature by.  We have also placed a banner within your Studio regarding the same.  It may be something you would like to utilize for your Ministry… and, it will not cost you anything extra!  : )  


We have been working with a company called AUDIONOW ( They provide a service that makes your media accessible through a standard phone number (live “real-time” streams, or on-demand).  No smart phone technologies or data plan required by the end-listener.


AudioNow helps broadcasters and ministries grow their audience, on any mobile or land-line phone.  They work with such entities as the BBC, United Nations CSPAN, and also hundreds of faith-based programmers, including Adventist World Radio, Bible Broadcasting Network, Christian Satellite Network.   Each day, AudioNow sends e-mail statistics showing how many people called you the day before, the time of day, and length of call – so you can really measure who you’re reaching with both live and recorded audio programs.   Great for your low-tech listeners, or those with limited technologies / access or who want to save on their data bills.  


As mentioned, there is no fee for the service – they just ask that you do all you can to promote your number so that it gets accessed!


Broadcast by Phone  –  no data plan required!



Here is an outline of the solution we are currently developing with them, to work in conjunction with your Sermon Studio.


Your assigned “AudioNow” phone number will have 2 extensions:


extension 1 will pull from one of your Studio generated RSS feeds, and make its most recent on-demand episode/message available.


extension 2 will allow the caller to enjoy your live streams (at your scheduled times). Anyone withOUT an internet connection can simply dial the number and join the live broadcast in real-time.


We are currently working out the details with AUDIONOW… but I thought you might be interested. I think it is a great tool to add to your outreach tool-box!



Link: here is a PDF regarding the AUDIONOW proposal to ministries


Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this pilot project (we are looking for just a few Ministries at this time), and we will get you setup for a test-drive!  


To get started, submit a Ticket from within your Sermon Studio,
or eMail: