The Media Center

It’s more than just a player!

Customize the “look and feel” of your Media Centers to tie them into your existing web site.  You can have as many Media Centers as you would like, each with its own “skin”.  Your Media Center can contain whatever Playlists (collection of Episodes) you decide to assign to it.  You can also link your Media Centers together, or keep them separate from one another.   Re-invent your online presence with your Media Center as the backbone.   You can assign a custom domain (web address) to each Media Center.  Below is a sampling of all that you can do within your Media Center, completely managed from within your browser-based Sermon Studio.



– determine what Playlist(s) you would like to be accessible from within the Media Center.  (A Playlist is a collection of Episodes.  An Episode is a “container” for individual sermon or lesson.)



– provide the Title and desired “…/url_name” for the Media Center



a) Interface Colors: choose the colors that look best for your Media Center


b) Interface Images:


Logo Image: upload a 500×110 image to the top left of your Media Center (transparent PNG often works best)


Watermark: upload a semi-transparent logo or image that will appear in the location of your choice over your video. You can set a link on this watermark as well.


Fav Icon: this small icon will display next to your link within the bookmark’s folder, and also on the “tab” within most browsers.


Background Image: upload a large FULL-PAGE image, or smaller TILE graphic that will appear behind your Media Center.


NOTE: the image that shows within the Player (when the Media Center loads) is the image that is associated with the top Episode in the current Playlist.  This Episode artwork should be JPEG that is uploaded at 1080 x 608 (to fill the player window).



– Make the following “on/off” adjustments to your Media Centers; Show other Media Centers, on load display: playlists or episodes, on load autoplay, show ratings, show play count, show sharing options, episodes layout type: scroll or page index, woopra widget, show playlist artwork, show episode artwork


– determine what other Media Centers you would like to be accessible from each Media Center (allowing you to create a “network” of Media Centers from within your single Sermon Studio).

Custom Domain

You can point your own custom domain at your Media Centers.



Your Media Center can include multiple Playlists (for example, a Playlist for your Youth Ministry, another for your mid-week Bible Study, etc…).  Your Media Centers can all be linked together, or kept separate.



You can enable and disable this feature/tab on a per-Episode bases. Within the Sermon Studio, you can provide your visitors an outline (or “notes”) using the integrated HTML (WYSISYG) Editor. The Notes tab will appear within your Media Center when the Episode is selected. They can be edited, saved, and printed by the viewer.



Display the content you desire using the integrated HTML (WYSISYG) Editor.  The display can be turned ON/OFF within the Media Center, in real-time, without the viewer needing to refresh the page.


Custom Content

Within your Sermon Studio’s Media Center you can create links to external pages, or create popup overlay windows that contain content created using the integrated HTML (WYSIWYG) editor. The buttons will appear in the top left of your Media Center. Each Media Center can have unique navigation.  Ministries can use the Media Center as their primary web presence by using the custom navigation to accommodate their required information (about us, contact us, service times, directions, etc…).



The Facebook Fan Box widget lets users become fans while visiting your site.



The YouVersion Integrated Bible contains 45 versions in 22 languages. You can enable and disable this feature/tab on a per-Media Center bases.


Use this to “connect” Episodes so that your visitors can move through your Archive more effectively and discover related content.


During a Live Broadcast event you can interact with your visitors, and allow them to interact with each other… in “real-time.”

To Activate the Live CHAT within the Media Center, go to the Episode through your Archive and within the LIVE Module you will find the check-box to turn on or off the Chat Feature.

You can moderate this Live CHAT by entering your Name and Password in the Live section of the Episode detail’s page. Then, within the Media Center Live Chat module, enter the same Name, and within the text box below type “!admin”. Then you will be prompted to enter the Password that you designated within the Sermon Studio.


Display a timer that counts down to the next Live event, and acts as a link to the specific Live broadcast Episode within your Media Center.  There is also a “stand-alone” version of the countdown timer that you can embed anywhere you would like (using an iFrame).


All features outlined above are also available on most portable devices!

media center 14


To access your Media Center’s direct link (for Full Page version), or iFrame code, go to DELIVERY MANAGER > MEDIA CENTERS within your Studio.