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Scheduled Broadcasting of archived content

Like programming for a TV station, the Episode will go “on-air” at a preset time, and everyone will be watching at the same point within the media’s playback timeline. This is also referred to as Simulated Live Streaming.  You can have a chat module available within your Media Center to allow your audience to interact in real-time while they watch the simulated live stream.




1. Add a new Playlist to your Sermon Studio, and assigned your desired Episode(s) to this Playlist.


2. Within the new Playlist’s “Settings” section, go to > “Playlist type” > and select “Scheduled Broadcasting”


SLS - 1


3. Go into the Scheduled Broadcasting section and set things up. What day and time do you want the broadcast to go ON AIR? You can activate the Media Center > Chat option, and determine what you want to have happen when the broadcast is over (repeat continuously or a set number of time, repeat once daily or once weekly).


SLS - 2


4. Create a new Media Center / Player for this Playlist, or Assign this Playlist to existing Media Centers or Players.