Simulcast your Live Broadcast


You can now simulcast your Live Stream from directly to your Facebook Live and / or YouTube Live accounts. This makes it easy on you and your equipment as one Stream will hit all destinations simultaneously.


1] Youtube will not change once it is set up.


2] Facebook you will need to do these steps to make sure your broadcast goes through.

a. Schedule a live broadcast on facebook–put a title/description in-Use the persistent key

b. copy the stream key and place within the re-stream area of your live broadcast episode on

c. schedule your date and time.


* You have to do these steps every time you want to broadcast. Sometimes Facebook will change the key and then it will not work.


Let’s Get Started…


1. Within your YouTube account you must first enable the LIVE STREAMING feature. Login to the YouTube account that you would like to stream through. Within your YouTube account > CREATOR STUDIO > CHANNEL > STATUS AND FEATURE section you can ENABLE Live Streaming.



2.Go to your Sermon Studio’s MASTER LIVE EPISODE (MLE). Scroll down to the Live Broadcast > ReStream section.



3. Click on the ADD button and login to the same YouTube account that you just enabled Live Streaming within.



4. Once you are logged in, the YouTube Restream section within you Sermon Studio will now display the YouTube URL where the Live Stream simulcast will be accessible.


That’s it! Next time you Live Stream to this Live Episode within your Sermon Studio, the broadcast will be simulcasted through your YouTube Live account as well, in real-time.






1. Make sure you are logged in to the proper Facebook account, and go to on the Create Live Stream button.



2. Select the “Connect” tab on top of the page. Choose “Persistent stream key”. (Note: copy this Stream Key into your encoding computer’s clipboard, you will need to paste it into your Sermon Studio > Live Episode > Facebook Live Restream section.)  Provide your Stream Title, and select where your stream will appear on Facebook (only me, public, etc).



3. Set your broadcast date & time by clicking on the Schedule button.



4. Within the your Sermon Studio’s Live Episode (in the Restream > Facebook section), paste and SAVE the Persistent Stream Key you received from Facebook.


That’s it! Next time you Live Stream to this Live Episode within your Sermon Studio, the broadcast will be simulcasted through your Facebook Live account as well, in real-time.


PLEASE NOTE: Facebook REQUIRES you to Schedule (or manually start) every broadcast you want to stream through your Facebook Live account. This is not an automatic process. 


  • Go here to schedule your simulcast to Facebook Live.