You can now simulcast your Live Stream from directly to your Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Periscope accounts.

Within your Sermon Studio > Master Live Episode > Simulcasting section you can configure your stream to re-stream (or simulcast) to multiple destinations.

NOTE: it can take up to 2 minutes for your streams to go live within your restream destinations.


Here is PDF help file on the two methods for simulcasting to Facebook:

1a – Automated to FB Pages:

  1. Click ADD.
  2. Login to the desired Facebook account.
  3. Grant the proper permissions to stream through your Facebook Page(s) and/or Group(s).
  4. Once connected, select “Publish after live video ends” if you want Facebook to save a copy of your stream on their end. Also, be sure you have the proper FB destination selected in the drop-down menu it you are the admin for more than one page.

1b – Automated to FB Groups:

If you are using the Facebook direct integration to stream to a Group you will need to do the following:

1) Go to the Group page that you are trying to stream to.
2) Go into More > Group Settings.
3) In this page find the “Add Apps” button, search for “ Live Streaming”, and Add.
* You many need to log out of and back in to get things to connect properly.

You can edit the permission you gave within your Facebook account:
…Facebook > Settings > Business Integrations > Live Streaming

2 – Manually scheduled to Facebook

If you want to pre-schedule your Facebook Live stream and include additional details, as well as License keys, notifications, etc… you will need to use the “With Stream Key” solution at to bottom of the Simulcast setup page within your Studio, and not the Facebook direct integration.

This is the Server URL for Facebook:

Important: if you use this method to restream to Facebook, make sure the automated Facebook option above is not Active.

  • Start your Stream within your live encoder (OBS, VMIX, etc.) to your Sermon Studio > Live Episode’s stream credentials. That’s it! The stream you send to us will also be sent to Facebook.


If you are having problems with your Facebook connection using the automated method – start over.

Login to your Facebook account and remove the Live Stream option within FB > Settings > Business Integration.

Then log out of Facebook.

Log back into your Sermon Studio and reconnect your Studio to your proper Facebook account and select the desired destination page.

Then leave the simulcast setup page within your Studio to make sure nothing gets further modified.  Remain logged in to your FB account.


If problems persist you may want to go with the “With Stream Key” option.


  1. Login to the YouTube account that you want to simulcast to.
  2. Make sure you have Live Streaming enabled in Channel > Status and Features.
  3. Click on your account Profile icon in the upper right.
  4. Click on YOUTUBE STUDIO.
  5. Click on CREATE > GO LIVE.
  6. Click on STREAM
  7. Scroll down to STREAM SETTINGS to obtain your SERVER URL and STREAM NAME / KEY. (we suggest 720p)
  8. Copy and paste these credentials into the spaces provided. (Within your Studio’s > . Live Episode > Simulcast section.)
  • Start your Stream within your live encoder (OBS, VMIX, etc.) to your Sermon Studio > Live Episode’s stream credentials. That’s it! The stream you send to us will also be sent to YouTube.


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