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Bringing it all together!
  • All-in-one media Storage and Delivery platform.
  • 24/7, on-demand Audio, Video, PDF.
  • Live Stream your Audio or Video, with Auto Archiving.
  • Simulcasting: Facebook Live, You Tube, and Periscope.
  • RSS/Podcast feeds for media syndication.
  • Embed directly into your website. No Ads or 3rd party content.
  • Apps for Roku, Android, and Apple.
  • Easily share media access to your social networks.
  • Share video to your You Tube and/or Vimeo channels
  • Let our robust Data Centers do all the work.
  • Your Media Command Center. Free Support Included!

Why use the sermon studio?

  • Low cost – High quality solution.
  • The most features available.
  • Protect your online identity & autonomy.
  • We are a Christ-focussed, safe home-base.
  • Centralize all your media management.
  • Easy to share with your other platforms.
  • Easy to train your new volunteers.
  • We’ll help you navigate online broadcasting.

Live Stream and Simulcasting

Live Stream and Simulcasting

Sermon Audio, Video, PDF Storage and Delivery for your Church or Ministry!

Store and Deliver your Audio, Video, PDF Files

Fast, Free, Friendly Support for your Church or Ministry!

Free Support – We are happy to help!

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Podcast and RSS Feeds for iTunes, etc…

Embeddable Media Centers and Players

Embeddable Media Centers and Players

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ChromeCasting Apps, Android, Apple, Roku

How Can We Serve You? Check out these sample scenarios that may work for your church or ministry.

The are many tools in your Sermon Studio toolbox. We can help you configure the best solution for your Ministry’s needs. Evolve your implementation over time.

Here are a few sample Usage Scenarios. Pick one that works best for you, or develop your own.  Not sure?  . . . just ask!

Finish this statement: I want to…

1. have a simple audio podcast, and perhaps include a companion PDF file, available in iTunes, and have a media center embedded directly into my web site for my audience. I understand my media is also also accessible through mobile apps, and I can “cast” the media directly to a home entertainment system.

* Audio Podcast, Player for Web site

2. live stream my audio (like a real-time radio broadcast), and automatically add its recording, in whole or in part, to my podcast feed and media center.

* Live Stream, and Archive the Recording

3. have 1 & 2, and I would also like my own custom apps (android and apple), just for my Ministry’s content.

* Custom Apps

4. have 1, 2, & 3, but with both video and audio.

* Video (not just audio)

5. use as the primary and safe home-base for my media content so that it is completely under my control. Embed my Media Center directly into my website, and have no ads and no external links. However, I also want to leverage/utilize my Social Network account (Facebook), to expand my live and on-demand audience. So, I want my live and on-demand media available there as well.

* Share live and/or on-demand media to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc…)

6. do all the above, but then, after a period of time, I want to move my videos to Youtube or Vimeo for longer term storage & public access, and remove them from However, I will keep the audio recordings permanently accessible in my archive for my podcast feeds, apps, and Media Centers. My audience enjoys the portability and accessibility of audio.

* Live Stream and record server-side, then off-load video from to YouTube or Vimeo. Keep audio at

7. send a single Live Stream to, but I also want to re-stream (in real-time) that broadcast to my Facebook Live or YouTube Live account. I want the best of both worlds. Access to all the features and control that provides, but also the ability to easily broadcast and share through my Social Networks, at the same time.

* Live stream to, and automatically re-stream to Facebook Live or YouTube Live in real-time

Note: Your Media is also available within the Sermon Network portal/directory Apps. (you can opt out if desired)

Use the features you want, ignore the ones you don’t.
We will help you maximize and safeguard your audience’s online Media experience and access.

The Sermon Studio by is your safe home-base, and media command center. Your content remains completely under your control. You can then distribute your live and on-demand media to your sites and social networks (if desired). Do not be held at the mercy of social networks or secular services. Their ads and quick/easy access to other questionable content can be potent distraction to your audience. Leverage them to expand your outreach, but use them wisely. Keep in mind, they do not share your values or mission. is your Christian Ministry Partner.

Look at all the Features!

We are an extension of Your Media Team!

Free ConsultationAre you not sure where to begin (equipment, process, etc…)? Give us a call or send us an email. We can start by discussing your needs and goals, then help you outline some simple steps to get things rolling!
Free SupportAre you completely new to online media, or just need a helping hand? We are here and always happy to help! Call us at 800.807.1014, or submit a Support ticket from within your Studio account… we will be sure you are good to go - ASAP!
Use only the Features you need!So many tools in the tool box! Use what you want, ignore the rest... that is until you want to do more with your Studio! If you are just looking to Live Stream and backup your online media, use Studio. If you are looking to syndicate an audio podcast, use Studio. Or, use it all! We are here and happy to help every step of the way.
Take Control of your Content!Keep your online media archive safe and separate from the secular platforms alone. Then, share your media with them (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to expand your outreach. You never know what may happen to your content should they decide to change things.

Upload or Live Stream Your Media Content

All-in-OneControl all aspects of your online media through one browser-based interface! Here is a more thorough list of your Sermon Studio Features - click here..
Upload your MediaUpload Audio, Video, and PDF files.
Server-Side ConversionWe handle all the tricky stuff once you have uploaded your source file to us. We will convert it into a web-friendly format to make sure all your visitors can access your content, across all their devices.
Media Storage & DeliveryWe will store your on-demand content at our data centers to make sure it is safe and accessible from anywhere on the planet that has access to the Internet.
Live StreamingPerform live (real-time) broadcasts from your sanctuary or anywhere you have an internet connection. People can watch the event as it happens, even if they are not able to attend in person (great for shut-ins, those that travel, or as our outreach tool). Archive a recording of your live stream for future on-demand access.
Live SimulcastingYou can simulcast your Live Stream from directly to your Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and/or Periscope accounts. This makes it easy on you and your equipment as one Stream will hit all destinations simultaneously.
Simulated Live StreamingCreate a virtual live experience using pre-programmed content that you broadcast as a scheduled event. Like a TV broadcast, everyone who joins is watching at the same point within the stream's playback.

Accessing & Delivering Your Media

Unlimited Episodes and PlaylistsCreate an Episode for each of your messages / sermons. A Playlist is a way to group your Episodes. For example, you may have a Playlist for your Youth Ministry’s episodes, and another Playlist for your Sunday Morning Worship episodes.
Password Protect your Content / PlaylistsTo limit access to certain content, you can assign the protected content to a special Playlist that your block access by requiring a Password.
Unlimited Players and Media CentersCopy & paste your fully mobile responsive Media Center(s) or Player(s) directly into your web sites, blogs, or social network sites. They can be for a single episode, or for a Playlist containing multiple Episodes. Media Centers are packed full of additional features, including; Live interactive chat, integrated Bible, private Notes, real-time Call to Action, and more.
Unlimited RSS/Podcast FeedsCreate as many unique RSS/Podcast feeds for your content as needed (each Playlist is its own RSS feed). Submit your feed(s) to iTunes or similar services.
Direct Media LinksDirect access URLs for each of your audio (.mp3), video (.mp4), document (.pdf) files, or live streams (.m3u8).
AppsAll of your content, Live & On-demand, is available within the Apps for iOS, Android, and Roku devices. You can even create your own custom Apps just for your content, and submit the Apps to your own developer account with Apple and/or Android.
Use the Media Center as your web siteThe backbone of your web site should be your media. It is dynamic content that is always being added to, and is why people will return to your site. If you are looking for a basic web presence, save money and simplify things by using your Media Center. You can add your static content to your Media Center (service times, location, staff, etc…), and you can even use your own custom domain name (instead of