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The easiest way to backup files in bulk is through a Podcast feed. Each PLAYLIST you've created within your Studio has it's own Podcast feed / URL. You can access these feed through the Playlist page within your Studio, then scroll down to its RSS section.

You can use podcast software such as:

- iTunes (
- HermesPod (




Use iTunes to SUBSCRIBE to the Podcast, you'll see this option under the File menu in the upper left. You'll then go to your Library (top middle), and then click on your Podcast within the left navigation menu. It will display the details and all episodes in the main window. Next to the title at the top you'll see a "gear" icon. Click this and change the settings to the following:


Limit Episodes: Off
Download Episodes: On
Delete Played Episodes: Off

Click DONE


You can click the "Feed" tab to see all of the episodes that are available. Right click your podcast title and choose Download All, and iTunes will begin downloading all of the files. It may take some time, and when it's complete we suggest scrolling through the feed and manually restarting any files that still have the cloud/download icon next to them.




NOTE: In some versions of iTunes, you may encounter a bug with the download all button not showing up. Here is a work-around.

1. Subscribe to the Podcast if not already subscribed
2. Navigate to your Podcast library and click the “Feed” button to get a list of all the shows
3.Find the episode(s) you want and select multiples using the SHIFT key OR select all episodes using Edit > Select All or Command ⌘+A
4. Right-click (or control-click) with all episodes highlighted and then choose Download Episode option from the menu

While the episodes are downloading, pause the downloads if you change your mind. Just click on the download button (in the upper right) and scroll down to the end and choose ‘Pause Downloads’ to stop the download.


If there is anything else that we can help with please let us know, happy to help.


Thank you,