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Moderate Your Visitors’ Interactions

To activate the Live Chat module in your Media Center, go to the Archive page within your Studio and select your Live Episode from the list.


From the Live Episode page, scroll down to the Live Broadcast section. Therein you will:


– Turn ON the Live Chat module

– Enter your Admin Username (it can be whatever you want)

– Enter your Password (it can be whatever you want)

– Press Save


Then, go to the Episode within your Media Center.  You should now see the Live Chat Module to the right of your player window. Check the Admin box, and use the same credentials in the Chat Module that you entered into the Episode, within your Studio.


Note: the live chat module will only show up within the Media Center if the Live Chat is currently ON AIR, or if the date / time is still in the future (not past).


Illustrations Below:


On the left is the Episode page/settings within your Studio.   On the right is the Live Chat module within your Media Center.


Once you are logged in you will see the following options…