Audio Live Broadcasting Made Super Easy!

* Let us know if you would like it activated within your Studio account.

  • Give this video a look for a quick introduction to browser-based streaming!


PLEASE NOTE: We have released our brand new Sermon Studio user-interface, and are currently in the process of updating all of the help-files and tutorials. 


*  At this time, the new tutorials are available here: 

Troubleshooting WebRTC in your Chrome Browser

Be sure you are using the Chrome browser


If you are having difficulties you will need to make sure your Sermon Studio’s Live Broadcast Episode page is granted permission to access your system’s media devices (Microphone and/or Camera) within Chrome.


1. A good place to start is by clearing your browser’s cache & history in Chrome.

In Chrome’s address bar go to:  chrome://settings/  (copy & paste into Chrome’s address bar)

…scroll down to the very bottom and click on ADVANCED. At the bottom of the ‘Privacy and security’ section you will see ‘Clear browsing data’ …do this.


2. Device Permissions; go to the following pages within your Chrome browser:

a] chrome://settings/content/camera (copy & paste into Chrome’s address bar)

Have it set to ‘Ask before using’ = ON. Once you have granted your Sermon Studio page access it should show up in the ALLOW section.


b] chrome://settings/content/microphone (copy & paste into Chrome’s address bar)

Have it set to ‘Ask before using’ = ON. Once you have granted your Sermon Studio page access it should show up in the ALLOW section.



3. After you have made the above adjustments, restart your system and give it a fresh start.


Let us know if problems persist – happy to help!


If the thought of video broadcasting does not appeal to you at this time (i.e. concerned about equipment, budget, human resources / volunteers, etc.), consider doing a live audio-only stream.


Simply broadcast your audio directly from your Internet Browser using WebRTC. No additional software required. It is incredibly simple, anyone can do it!


Like a radio broadcast, your audience can tune-in and enjoy your stream, in real-time. The responsive Media Centers and Apps makes it easy for them to connect on any device, big or small… wherever they have internet access.


WebRTC Broadcasting allows you to stream directly from your browser (Chrome only), with no other software required! This will work from a MAC, PC, and most Android devices. (Note: iOS support is currently being debugged.)


NOTE 1: When you first visit your Live Episode that contains the WebRTC feature within your Studio, the Chrome browser will ask for permission to access your system’s device (microphone, camera, etc…) to stream with.


NOTE 2: WebRTC does record your broadcast server-side, however it does not provide a way to record the broadcast to your local device. We strongly advise that you record locally if having a copy is important to you.  If your internet connection has an issue, this will affect your server-side recording.

We will received your Live Stream and…

A] Deliver it in real-time to your Media Centers and/or Apps; for your audience to enjoy!

B] Record it server-side and add it to your archive (in whole or in part), for on-demand access through your Media Centers, Podcast Feeds, and / or Apps.


No need to upload your audio, just live stream it to us.  We will automatically record it server-side, and add it to your Players and Podcast feeds!

  • If you would like to take part in this beta program, please submit a Support ticket from within your Sermon Studio account, and request that we activate WebRTC.
These devices will enable you to connect an audio input device to your phone or tablet:


IK Multimedia iRig 2 [guitar / soundboard] interface adaptor for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Android



Your Media Center is powerful tool that your audience can use to access your Live or On-demand content. You can customize the Media Center to match your existing look, and / or embed the Media Center directly into your web site.


Media Centers are packed full of features, including; access to both live and on-demand content, Live Chat, integrated Bible, easy Sharing, robust Search & Sort, etc.


It is fully mobile responsive, meaning it will work great on devices and screens of all shapes and sizes. It is like a browser-based media app!